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Breakfast Club

Knock on the big blue doors....

Ring on the doorbell


Our school breakfast club opens at 7.30 every morning.


Mrs Taylor, Mrs Marr, Mrs Metcalfe, Mrs McLeod and Mrs Holden are all around to greet anyone who comes in.

You do not need to book your place, just come along and join in the fun.


There's lots to do for everyone. We have just bought lots more toys and games, all chosen by the children who attend.


We have a colouring table, which has lots of different things to colour. Not only is there colouring but wordsearches and letter games. (Children can learn in different ways without realising) Maths pages that you have to solve to colour in the picture.


Children can play group games or individually, the choice is theirs.


Breakfast is served at 8am, children will go upto the serving hatch where they have a choice of breakfast.

They come to the table where milk, apple, orange juice and water are all waiting for them.


We do stop serving breakfast at 8.30am, this is to make sure that all children are ready to leave breakfast club at 8.45am, when the school day begins.


Children can go out onto the playground for supervised play, when the weather behaves.


Our blue doors close, and we do not take any child into breakfast club after 8.40am.


Come along and join in our fun, it's a great way to start the day.