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As part of our music lesson we used the computers to create our own compositions. It was very noisy!


Work & other activities from Year 2 in Lockdown


Sophie has worked really hard. She has completed Classroom Secrets but also she has completed a large project based on the poem The Magic Box. Sophie has even made one too! Marvellous.
Billie's art work. I wonder if the mermaid is Iris from Oliver and the Seawigs?

William has made a water irrigation system with the hose pipe and bits of drain pipe in the garden.


Today William and James have made an electrical circuit and when you press the button it plays Happy Birthday. That sounds wonderful!

Here are some pictures of Ollie on his Go Cart that he has worked on with his Grandad. 

After a test drive this weekend, his mum says that she thinks it still needs some adjustments but it’s looking good. I think that it's marvellous!

Ollie's DT project - a message from his Mum

One night a couple of weeks ago whilst chatting to his Grandad on FaceTime Ollie came up with the idea of making a Go Cart. His Grandad was up for the challenge and had some great ideas. 


Both Ollie and his Grandad did some drawings and then his Grandad started preparations cutting wood and making the frame sending Ollie daily updates. 


Today I got a surprise day off work so in turn surprised Ollie (and his Grandad) with a trip to Barnsley to help his Grandad put the Go Cart together and paint it. 


It’s not quite finished yet, Ollie will help finish it when we visit again in a few weeks but here are a few pictures. 

Look what Isabelle's mummy has awarded her!
Ollie found this plant on his way to the moors. I have found out that the name of it is Gunnera Tinctoria. See if you can find out other information about it and let me know.

Ollie has found out this information. Can you find out anything else?

Hi Mrs Walsh,

we had a trip to Houghton Bottoms to find the waterfalls. We used a map my mum printed out at home and we followed the map carefully to find the waterfalls. They were beautiful and very loud! We walked for nearly three hours and we passed Houghton Tower and took a picnic with us. We were very tired when we got home! 


This is a message from Isabelle.

We’ve been to the beach to find pebbles which we painted up at home with acrylic paints for the garden. We also did lots for our family’s gardens which we left on their doorsteps with a little note. They all liked them very much. We had lots of fun doing them.