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How You Can Help The Library Grow

At Christmas we run a Jolabokaflod - "Christmas Book Flood" - this follows the Icelandic tradition of a special day at Christmas where families and friends exchange books as gifts. Families, staff, authors and publishers together donated the whole table of goodies in this picture in 2017, and the children have been absolutely thrilled! These books have been on constant loan ever since. In 2018 we are running the scheme again and we hope you'll join in. Our wishlist is here:  Amazon Wish List


Books donated for Jolabokaflod '17


To purchase new books

We are continuing to maintain the school's Wish List here: Amazon Wish List to keep our stock up to date and relevant, so please do feel free to choose and send books at any time.  We add a book plate to each purchase stating "Donated by...." with your child/grandchild's name if you wish - please add their name and class to the "gift message" box. Do make sure you select the school's address for delivery.


We appreciate some people would prefer not to shop at Amazon - this is completely fine; we've chosen this system as it's a quick and familiar way to list what we need and for supporters to buy alongside their regular shopping, and have items delivered to school. If you would prefer to support an independent bookseller we highly recommend Ebb & Flo in Chorley; if you choose this or any other seller please contact Mrs Wood using the form below so that your choice can be removed from the wish list.


Used Book Donations

We're often asked whether the library accepts gifts of second-hand books, and the answer is yes, if they're current  and in good condition! Donations of lightly-used books are such a help to replace damaged and worn-out stock. Books need to be in perfect or near-perfect condition - no creased, loose or torn covers, pages or cracked spines; no annotations or other markings. This is because school library books come in for a tremendous amount of wear and tear as they're so frequently borrowed and handled by dozens of children, so they need to be in tip-top condition to last us for many years.


We've received several donations over the last year, so there are certain authors we don't need at the moment - these are:


- Dav Pilkey (Captain Underpants series)

- Adam Blade (Beast Quest series)

- JK Rowling (Harry Potter series)

- Julia Donaldson (rhyming picture books)

- Rachel Renee Russell (Dork Diaries series)

- Michael Morpurgo

- Enid Blyton

- David Walliams

- My Little Pony

- Phonics books from any scheme


We're always grateful for good picture books, up-to-date non-fiction (published within the last five years), and graphic novels too!


Please contact Mrs Wood using the form below if you have donations.



We're working closely with Friends of Ashleigh to design a refurbishment plan, refreshing our shelving to improve access for the children and creating a wonderful Storyteller's Circle which every class and our book clubs are keen to use! Our first phase is in progress thanks to a grant from the WM & BM Lloyd Charity here in Darwen. We're very grateful for this funding and can't wait to show you the outcome!


Friends of Ashleigh have helped us to buy a range of dyslexia-friendly, “super-readable” books published by Barrington Stoke - stories which are great for everyone, but printed in a way that dyslexic readers and readers with visual stress find more useful. These arrived in school in early February and have whizzed out of the library.



We're so lucky to have a dedicated library - many schools don't - and with your help we can make it amazing for all our children. Our Travelling Books fair visited with a half-price sale at Christmas 2018 and will return in 2019, where your purchases give us credit with Scholastic Books.




Do you run a local business? Could you sponsor a bundle of books? We'd be very happy to add book plates to each book sponsored as a thank you for your generosity. Please contact Mrs Wood to discuss.






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