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Home learning - including Homework

Homework will be either sent home or sent to parent's email addresses.


Home learning work and zoom codes will be sent to Parent's emails in the event of a bubble closure.


If your child is isolating or waiting for the results of a PCR test but their bubble hasn't closed please try to do the work below if you are able to. 

Maths - Please practice adding and subtracting with 2 digit numbers up to 100. e.g. 33 + 52 =? 63-41=?

            Please practice number facts to 100 e.g. 70+30 = 100    40+ 10 = 50  75 + 25 = 100

            Please practice 2, 5 and 10 timestables - TTRockstars is great for this and children should have log              ins. 


English - please visit Bug Club which will have books allocated at your child's level. 

              Please visit Spelling Shed and practice the assignment set and the Stage 1 and 2 spellings.


I will email parents with the latest phonics and any other work that might be required. 


Thank you,

Mrs Lomax

Homework - Autumn Term 1 2020


Each half term a homework grid will be posted here. Children should aim to complete at least 6 pieces over the half term. The challenges that are coloured pink must be complete by the end of the half term.

Homework grid Autumn Term 1 2020


Each week your child will be set spellings on Spelling Shed on a Monday. We will be practising these same spellings in class and spelling tests will take place on a Monday. Please log in and get your child to practice as often as they can. See how far up the leaderboard they can get and see if they can beat Mrs Lomax's score! Let's see if we can get Year 1/2 to be top of the school leaderboard!


Reading books will be sent home on Wednesdays and should be returned the following Wednesday. Books will be put to one side and quarantined before being sent out to another child. Your child will have the opportunity to get a library book once a fortnight but these will be kept in school. You have also been given a log in for Pearson bug club. Please try to read a book a week on bug club. Thank you. 


Sum dogs - please try to have a go every week. 

Older posts


Good morning - just!

Star pupil from last week is Billie as she has been very busy completing her Kids Classroom Secrets work so well done Billie!

I know that some families are trying really hard and that it's not always easy if adults are working from home, but just do what you can.

Please continues with Kids Classroom Secrets and your new log in details that were sent out to each and every one of you last week. You will find that work for week 2 has been set for this week in Maths, English and Reading so there is plenty to do. Like last week, you can also follow the daily timetable work from the top right hand side if you'd like even more things to do now that this miserable weather has set in.

Don't forget to do something physical - perhaps some wake and shake from YouTube or one of the other things that are out there.

I will also set new spellings for Spelling Shed if I can. I think they have changed things so that might be a challenge for me!

As always, please message me if there are any problems and I will try to help if I can.

Take care,

Mrs Walsh

Yr 2  are the Ashleigh LEADERS on Spelling Shed!

Well done Year 2. You've knocked the spots off all the other classes.

We lead with a score of 70,201,020 followed in second place by Year 3 with a low 24,532,720!

Particular thanks to Lilly, Isabelle, Harry & Sophie who are really high scorers.

Now we have to stay there.

Keep at it folks.

Mrs Walsh

Good afternoon,

 I hope that you are all well?

I have a new star of the week for work last week and it's Lilly! 

She always tries so hard to complete everything to the best of her ability so well done Lilly.

Please continue with Kids Classroom Secrets - I'm in the process of setting up a  class membership with them so that you don't need to pay anything once they start to charge for this. Please watch this space.

Some shocking news - the Reception Class have overtaken us on the leaderboard for Spelling Shed.

Come on Year 2s, get working hard to bring us back to the top!

Don't forget to keep learning your tables and use TT Rock Stars and read, read, read and enjoy at every opportunity.

I'm just reading the Hunger Games which you're too young for just yet, (it's a bit gruesome,) but when you're in Yr 6.....!

Take care,

Mrs Walsh

Year 2 work    15.06.20

Good afternoon, Thanks for the catch ups that I've had from some parents - it's lovely to hear about the children. Star of the week is Jack. His mum has sent through lots of work that Jack has been doing, so well done Jack!

We understand that it’s not an easy task when you are working from home as well as trying to help children with their work. Just do what you can and enjoy doing the practical activities too such as cooking, walking and reading. You could perhaps send a picture of your child doing something then I'll pop it on the class page. It doesn't need to be "schoolwork." Health and happiness are just as important . In fact they are essential to my mind.

Please continue with Kids Classroom Secrets for this week and next. We pay for Classroom Secrets to use in school. It is excellent as it is quite demanding but it explains well and I think school is looking into buying Kids Classroom Secrets so that all children can access it as Kids Classroom Secrets are going to start to charge in the next two weeks. Don't buy into it yourself for now. They also have paper copies of work that they set each week for maths, grammar and reading with answers and explanations that are definitely worth looking at if you have a printer.

Take care and keep safe,

 Mrs Walsh

Good morning everyone,

Today is the start of the summer term- albeit a rather unusual one.


We are asking you to follow Kids Classroom Secrets timetables both for key worker children and children at home. If you haven't already done so then you will need to get your parent to log into Kids Classroom Secrets. It is free.


Then look at, "Home Learning Timetable," at the top right hand of your screen. Choose the year group and day and you go.


Of course, you may choose to look at some other things during the day but it gives you an idea of what activities there are to do and it comes with great support.


Today there is work on fractions, writing about an image, spellings and STEM (basically technology) ideas. There are also prompts about reading and talking to people as well as physical ideas to do.


I am currently looking into giving you an email address so that you can directly send me photos and work .


That's all for now,

Take care and stay very safe,

Mrs Walsh

The two Stars of the week for last week are .........

Harry & Isabelle.

Harry for working so hard and for leading the leader board for Yr 2 in Times Tables Rock Stars. He is the fastest at answering the calculations.

Isabelle for leading the Spelling Shed high scores. Fantastic work Isabelle.

Thanks for keeping in touch.

Sophie was delighted to find out that she was the star last week.


Good morning to you all,

I hope that you all had a pleasant weekend?

I would like you to concentrate on Kids Classroom Secrets again. Log in first, then  look in the top right hand corner where there is a home learning timetable and if you look each day it will give you ideas and links of learning and activities that you could do. It also shows answer videos on how to complete work.


I have added 2 new spelling lists for you to learn on Spelling Shed this morning. You need to complete them 5 times this week if you can. The Year 2 children are massively winning the school league by a long way. Keep it up Year 2!

Keep trying hard to beat Harry on TT Rock Stars by getting to the top of the Year 2 leaderboard.


Please keep me in the loop about what learning you are doing or if there is anything I can help you with. It really is lovely to hear from the Peacock children when you leave a message on the Peacock class page.

Take care, 
Mrs Walsh


A message about “Oliver and the Seawigs,” from Ollie:

“Mummy ordered Oliver and the Seawigs on Amazon when she saw your message on the class page on Tuesday and it came today so we have just read the first 2 chapters, it is really good.”


You don’t have to get it, but if circumstances allow, it is an excellent story with wonderful pictures.

This link shows how we have been taught to do our subtraction vertically. The pictures are really important to help us understand what is happening. Watch it again and again until you fully understand it! Many of you already do. J


Here is another link for subtraction which is great fun, but remember that when the monster gets a pizza from the tens column to move over, it’s then ALWAYS cut up into…..10 pieces!

Good morning to you all,

I hope that you all had a pleasant VE day weekend? The weather was brilliant.

 I would like you to continue to watch BBC Bitesize daily lessons and there is work to complete too. Maths and reading comprehensions are important but there are some great topic based things to complete too. You can also go back and look at previous lessons.


The book we were going to read for this term is "Oliver and the Seawigs" by Phillip Reeve. If you can get your hands on the book, it is fabulous and not as long as The Christmasaurus!


I will post the term's homework grid on here for you to dip into but some of it can't be completed due to isolation. The theme is The Seaside to tie in with holidays. (!)

I have added 1 new spelling list for you to learn on Spelling Shed this morning. You need to complete it 5 times this week if they can.

Please keep me in the loop about what learning you are doing or if there is anything I can help you with. It really is lovely to hear from the Peacock children when you  leave a message on the Peacock class page.

Take care, 
Mrs Walsh




  • Are you Gym Fit?Ollie's Mum has sent me this link which looks really good for being Gym Fit. Take a look!

Old home learning posts are now moved to the section at the bottom of this page.




Year 2 BBC Bitesize Monday 4th May

Good morning to you all, I hope that you and yours are keeping well?

For the next 2 weeks I would like you  to watch BBC Bitesize as they are now doing daily lessons and there is work to complete too. There are 3 lessons for today, but you can also go back and try some of the other lessons if they'd like to.

The link is here:

The maths is based on Classroom Secrets  too.

I will add some more spelling lists for you to learn on Spelling Shed this morning. Please keep me in the loop about what learning you are doing or if there is anything I can help you with. It really is lovely to hear from my class when you leave a message on the Peacock class page.

Take care,

Mrs Walsh




This is about  Spelling Shed. You have to play lots every week to keep your score healthy.

This is what they said:

Shed Scores go up and down because they are the 7-day rolling total. That means that if they don’t play as much the score goes down. It's a rolling total and is calculated live and the score is cached after each game play. For example if you earned 30 million points on Wednesday, the following Tuesday those points would be included in the shed score but on Wednesday, those points are now more than 7 days old so they stop being included in the score.

Keep playing often children!


Thank you for the lovely messages from William and from Felix. You are both keeping very busy and I'm glad you can now ride your bike William.



30th April 2020

Good morning,

I would like all Year 2 children to log onto Kids Classroom Secrets and watch a video in the Year 2 section.

This is something we've done at school but some of you still find it tricky.

Here is the title:

Subtraction with 2 Digits Place Value Chart Video Tutorial

Parents:  to subtract a larger ones or units number eg number 7 here: 43 - 27, you need to exchange one bundle of 10 sticks into 10 single sticks then the calculation can be done. The video above doesn't go that far.

This video may help:


Mrs Walsh



Spelling hive Wednesday 29.04.20

Well, I know that at least four of us tried the spelling hive this morning but it doesn't work. Let's abandon that and chalk it up to experience! Thanks to Lilly, Billie and Isabelle for trying! 

Please continue learning your other spellings on Spelling Shed. You were all give your log in and user name in your packs just before we finished. You need to google Spelling Shed - it is not part of Purple Mash.
If you have lost your log ins then please let me know.
Keep reading and exercising on a daily basis!
Bye for now,
Mrs Walsh



Tuesday April 28th


Good morning.

Spelling Zones - apologies for the children who attempted to play at 10.00 this morning. It turns out that the games I'd set had timed out so I've set 2 games. You need code 430673 for the first game at 10.00 tomorrow and hopefully it will work. Another game is code number 927178. It's a learning curve for me too is all this technology!


THANK YOU to Ollie, Harry, Isabelle, Lilly and Billie for letting me know how they are getting on with Kids Classroom Secrets and other work. Harry - you only need to let me know once a week but it was great to hear what you are all up to!


READING Every day please!!


I think that is it for today,

Take care,

Mrs Walsh



April 27th 2020


I have put some new spelling words on Spelling Shed for this week. See if you can beat other children in the class at 10.00am every day. Enjoy!

New things to do ideas!

As the messages don't all seem to get through to your parents I will post on here.


Please look at Kids Classroom Secrets. The link is below.


Get your Mummy or Daddy to join as a parent on the green frog section. It is free.

Then choose Year 2 and start at the beginning.

Do at least 1 maths game, 1 grammar game and 1 reading game every day.

You can do more if you'd like!

Enjoy the challenges and let me know what you've done by sending me a message on here. I'll look forward to reading them.


Take care,

Mrs Walsh

Hello Peacocks,

I've added a task about Easter. Don't worry about printing it out just use any paper you have to complete the task. When you've done it drop me a line via the form on the Young Voices page in the school clubs section of the website. Mrs Hartley.

All children have a half-termly homework grid in their homework books.  Homework should be returned on a Monday.  In addition the children have a weekly spelling test on a Friday, the spellings are sent home on a Friday in their spelling/handwriting folder for children to practice. Please return these completed by Friday.


Children should also read regularly at home, ideally every night.  Their reading diary should be signed to show what has been read.  Please send reading books into school every day, they will usually be changed daily except for Tuesdays. In addition to reading books children have library books. Our library day is Tuesday.


Thank you for your continued support, I really enjoy marking the children's homework and it is evident that lots of time and effort goes into it.

Red Half Termly Grid Homework

Autumn 1st half term

General Homework Details and Things to Bring Timetable