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  • During the week, we will listen to your child read and when they have finished a reading book they will be provided with a new reading book, which forms part of our structured reading development scheme. We would like you to sign  your child's reading diary once you have read with your child, with any comments that you think would help us. When your child is ready, they should be encouraged to read words, using their phonic knowledge. If your child struggles to read a word, ideally it helps if their reading partner supports them to break down the word into individual phonemes (sounds), and then repeat the whole word. 


  • Your child also has an opportunity to visit our school library where they can choose from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. Your child is expected to return their chosen book each week, ready to choose a new book. 


  • Every Friday your child is provided with homework, which will be stuck in their communication book. Homework is to be returned by Wednesday, ready to be marked, so new homework can be provided. 

Please remember to bring in your family photographs if you haven't already done so. We are looking forward to creating our family display.