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Autumn term:

- Number (place value in whole numbers) and written addition

- Number (place value in decimals) and written addition of money

- Written and mental subtraction

- Shape (3D and 2D, polygons, quadrilaterals)

- Mental multiplication and division

- Fractions (equivalent fractions and comparing)

- Written multiplication.

- Written division (including prime numbers)

- Written subtraction

- Measures/Data

- Fractions (mixed numbers, improper fractions, add and subtract fractions)



Spring term:

- Place value and negative numbers

- Mental addition and subtraction including money

- Adding decimals

- Co-ordinates and line graphs (reflections, translations)

- Mental multiplication and division (factors, multiples)

- Fractions, decimals and word word problems

- Written division

- Place value and subtraction

- Perimeter, area and volume

- Number, place value and written subtraction


Summer term:

- Number and place value of 6 digit numbers

- Roman numerals and decimals

- Multiplication, division and percentages

- Angles and polygons

- Fractions and subtraction

- Multiplication and division

- Written multiplication

- Measures, data and time

- Place value and subtraction

- Written multiplication and multiplication of fractions

- Calculation