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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

We have also provided a Register of Governor Interests and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.

In June of 2015 the governing body elected to reconstitute, in keeping with statutory guidance from the Department for Education. We took this decision as it allowed us to change the numbers and types of governors we have and to appoint more people on the basis of the skills they could bring.


The Governing Body now consists of:

  • The headteacher
  • One elected staff governor
  • One appointed local authority governor
  • Two elected parent governors
  • Five co-opted governors
  • Two Partnership governors


The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.


The chairs of governors are Mr L. Campbell and Mrs D. Thompson who can be contacted via the school office.


The Governing Body meets four times each year. Much of the work of the Governing Body is done by committees which meet at least every term (three times in the year). At  Ashleigh Primary, we have the following committees.


  • Teaching and Learning (including Curriculum):  Its main purpose is to discuss and monitor all aspects of the school’s work around pupil attainment and progress, and ensuring that the school’s curriculum is broad and balanced and meets statutory requirements; it has various ‘link governors’ for English, Maths and Early Years (although these may very depending on the priorities set out in the School Development Plan). and to monitor how the government PE grant is being spent to improve provision.


  • Environment: The main purpose of the committee is to discuss and monitor all aspects of the school’s pastoral work which includes areas such as attendance, behaviour, safeguarding, health, and spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) provision; link governors include ones for Child Protection, Inclusion and Health; an important role of the committee is to ensure all Child Protection policies are fully understood and correctly implemented by all staff. This committee also monitors how resources such as the building and grounds are used and kept up to date. The health and safety of the school site is also part of this committee’s remit.


  • Staffing and FinanceThis committee’s main purpose is to ensure that the school spending remains within budget and that all funds are spent wisely to best meet the needs of the pupils; whilst it meets every term, there are additional meetings each year to set the budget and review projects. This committee also has an overview of staff performance, appointment and deployment of staff. 


There is also a committee for Performance Management and Pay, although this meets less frequently.


The Governing Body of Ashleigh is currently:


Ian Matthews - Headteacher

I have been Headteacher at Ashleigh for the last six years. Prior to that, I was a Deputy Headteacher for ten years in another local school and a school improvement teacher employed by Blackburn with Darwen.

I attend all committee meetings and full governing body meetings. As Headteacher, I have responsibility across all areas of governance.

It is a genuine pleasure to be part of such a supportive governing body.


  • Since 01/04/2011, a member of the governing body by virtue of position in school
  • Sits on all committees


Governor attendance 2017-18: 4/4 full Governing Body meetings; 3/3 Teaching & Learning committee meetings; 3/3 Environment; 3/3 Staffing and Finance

Register of interests: None

Expiry of office: ongoing by virtue of position



Deborah Thompson - Joint Chair of Governors

My name is Deborah Thompson. I have been a Parent Governor at Ashleigh since 2012. I am also joint Chair of the Governing Body. I am on the Staffing and Finance Committee, I am the named Equality Governor and I am the Governor for the Early Years Foundation Stage year group. I really enjoy my role as a Parent Governor. As Chair of Governors I meet with the Head and Deputy every week. I also volunteer to listen to children read. I have two sons at Ashleigh. Oliver is in year 3 and Alfie is in Reception/year 1. They are the fourth generation of our family to attend Ashleigh. My Grandma, Mum, and my brother and I all attended Ashleigh! I have worked for Barclays for 25 years. My current role is Assistant Manager. Please contact me through the school office or see me on the school yard!

  • Since 01/09/2013, a member of the governing body, joint Chair of Governors since June 2015
  • Sits on Staffing and Finance, Pay and Headteacher Performance Management Committees


Governor attendance 2017-18: 4/4 full Governing Body meetings; 3/3 Staffing and Finance; 1/1 Pay Committee, 1/1 Headteacher Performance Management

Register of interests: None

Expiry of office: 19.11.2020



Les Campbell - Joint Chair of Governors

My name is Les Campbell. I have been a governor for the past 11 years, on the Staffing and Finance and the Environmental committees, I am also the chair of these committees.

Last year I was elected Joint Chair of the governing body

My term as Joint Chair ends in September 2020.

As Joint Chair I attend all full governing body meetings, Staffing and Finance and the Environmental meetings when possible, as well as visiting school to receive updates on school progress.

Over the last twelve months I have attended  10 meetings

I am married with 5 children, my two youngest boys both attended Ashleigh Primary and now attend DACA and St Wilfrid’s.

I work in Manchester as the Site Services, Health Safety & Environmental Senior manager. As my title says I’m responsible for the Health, Safety and Environmental issues on site and have developed both in my time achieving ISO 14001 and am currently working to implement ISO 18001

I’m responsible for all maintenance on site of the plant and equipment, contractors, cleaners and security, a budget of circa £1.2 million and managing projects in excess of £3 million

It has been a great experience for me to be able to offer my support to the school by listening, respecting and valuing Parents, Staff and other Governors opinions and ideas.

I have no business interests that conflict with my role as chair or governor.


  • Since 01/09/2008, a member of the governing body, joint Chair of Governors since June 2015
  • Sits on Staffing and Finance and Environment committees


Governor attendance 2017-18: 4/4 full Governing Body meetings;  3/3 Environment; 3/3 Staffing and Finance

Register of interests: Governors have been notified of any commercial or educational interests

Expiry of office: 15.07.2020




Jennifer Squelch - Staff Governor

My name is Jennifer Squelch and I am the staff governor here at Ashleigh, I was appointed to the role in 2017. 

I am a fully qualified Nursery Nurse (NNEB) and have worked at Ashleigh for more than 30 years. I spend most of my time in Reception Class helping with the transition from home/nursery to school and encouraging the new children to develop into confident, independent learners ready for their journey through school. 

I also run and manage the school garden. This involves children throughout school taking part in gardening sessions. I have focused year 5 and 6 gardening group who have experience in the garden and act as mentors to help the younger children nurture and develop their skills in the garden. Every October I invite the reception children's parents and grandparents to join us for a Get-Your -Grown-Ups gardening event which is very popular and allows the older children to show off their skills and be proud of their achievements. 

I regularly attend governor meetings and find them informative and enlightening giving me a broader insight into school life.


  • Since 01/09/2017, a member of the governing body, staff governor
  • Sits on Teaching and Learning committee

Governor attendance 2017: ___ Full governing body meetings, ___ Teaching and learning committee meetings, 

Register of interests: none

Expiry of office: 13.04.2021




Sarah Hartley - Co-opted Governor

My name is Sarah Hartley and I am a co-opted governor here at Ashleigh, I was appointed to the role in 2007. I attend governor meetings regularly and I am chair of the teaching and learning committee, I am also the designated governor for SEND. I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and have been at this school for 18 years. As well as being a HLTA I also run the Young Voices Choir. If you have any questions or would like to share your views regarding school, you can contact me via the school office.


  • Since 01/09/2007, a member of the governing body, staff governor
  • Sits on Teaching and Learning committee

Governor attendance 2016-17: 3/3 Full governing body meetings, 3/3 Teaching and learning committee meetings.

Register of interests: none

Expiry of office: 15.07.2021

Anne Crook



Anne Crook, Parent Governor


My name is Anne Crook and I am a parent governor here at Ashleigh, I have three children, two of whom are currently at Ashleigh.

Whilst I'm officially a stay at home parent I hold a voluntary position as co-manager of West Pennine Slings CIC where as a qualified babywearing consultant I teach parents how to safely use baby carriers and slings, and run projects to help vulnerable families.
 I am also the vice chair of the Friends of Ashleigh our lovely PTA.

My working background is in mechanical and electrical engineering and I hold CIPS level 3 in purchasing and supply.

I became a governor to be more involved in my children's education and to help the school achieve its goals, I will do my best to help the school continue to offer the best standards in education and uphold it's nurturing and caring ethos.


  • Since 06/07/2017, a member of the governing body elected by parents.
  • Sits on the staffing and finance committee and the Environment committee.


Governor attendance 2016 -17:

Register of interests: none

Expiry of office: 06.07.2021






Paul Conlon - Local Authority Governor

I am Paul Conlon. 54 years old with 5 children 3 of them have attended Ashleigh Primary School. I am the Local Authority Representative and have been for a number of years. I have worked for Blackburn with Darwen  Borough Council for the last 20 years and worked in local government for 35 years. I have had a connection with the school  for many years and have been an active member of the Friends of Ashleigh since 2004. This involvement has included hosting the bingo events and school discos for a number of years.


I have an honours degree in Public Administration and ILM level 5 in Leadership and Management.

I am  committed to the governing body ensuring that the school delivers the best quality education and life experiences to children and gives them the best start possible and ensuring that every child attains the best possible outcomes.


I serve on the teaching and Learning Committee and the full governing body and  hope that my experience in Local Government can assist the school development.


  • Since 01/09/2007, a member of the governing body, Local Authority Representative
  • Sits on Teaching and Learning, link governor


Governor attendance 2016: 4/4 full Governing Body meetings; 2/3 Teaching and Learning Committee meetings

Register of interests: None

Expiry of office: 01.11.2018


Awaiting picture


Sarah Baker - Parent Governor

My name is Sarah Baker and I was elected as a parent governor is 2016.

I have two children who attend Ashleigh Primary School, Callum is in year 2/3 and Sean is in Reception.

I have a BMus (hons) in Music, MMus and PGCE in Secondary Music Education.  I have worked in the education sector for the past 12 years.  I spent the first 8 years of my career as Head of Music in a secondary school and in recent years have been running my own businesses providing music and drama education to children throughout Lancashire and West Yorkshire.   

As I governor, I work with energy and enthusiasm to help Ashleigh to maintain high standards and meet future challenges.  My goal is for all children at Ashleigh to be happy, confident and achieve the best possible education irrespective of ability.

I am the Chair of Friends of Ashleigh PTA assisting in the organisation and running of school events throughout the year.  I also volunteer to help out at school regularly, changing reading books, pedestrian training, school discos, putting together performances for school events etc.

I am very proud to be a school governor and am looking forward to being part of the continuing development at Ashleigh Primary School.


I serve on the full governing body and the Teaching and Learning committee


  • Since 28/07/2016, a member of the governing body, Parent Governor
  • Sits on: Teaching and Learning


Governor attendance 2016-17: 4/4 Full Governing Body meetings, 3/3 Staffing and Finance Committee meetings, 3/3 Environment Committee meetings

Register of interests: Drama workshop company

Expiry of office: 17.07.2020



Jane Procter - Co-opted Governor

My name is Jane Procter and I was elected as a Co-opted governor in 2016.

I am married and spent the earlier years of my marriage living in the Whitehall area of Darwen with my son attending Ashleigh Primary School from 1979 to 1985. He and I both have very fond memories of the school and I am very proud to now be a governor.


I lived in Clitheroe for a number of years before returning to Darwen in 2016 and was a governor at Brookside Primary School Clitheroe. I am an accountant by trade and currently work for a local company called Newman’s Footwear. I hope that my experience as an accountant and a governor can assist the governing body in all areas of its responsibility but in particular in the overseeing of the financial performance of the school.


I am committed as a school governor and looking forward to being involved in the continuing development of the school.



  • Since 09.05.2016, a member of the governing body, Co-opted Governor
  • Sits on: Staffing and Finance committee and the Environment committee


Governor attendance 2016-17: 3/3 full Governing Body Meetings, 3/3 Staffing and Finance Committee meetings, 3/3 Environment Committee meetings

Register of interests: None

Expiry of office: 09.05.2020


Awaiting picture



Committee Members and Governing Body Structure

Teaching and Learning (Incorporating Pupil Welfare):
Sarah Hartley (Chair)

Ian Matthews
Paul Conlon

Sarah Baker

Jennifer Squelch

Deborah Thompson

Sarah Baker


Staffing and Finance (Incorporating Finance and Personnel):

Les Campbell (Chair)

Ian Matthews
Janine Campbell (Advisory capacity)

Sarah Baker

Jane Procter

Anne Crook


Environment (Incorporating Sites and Buildings and Extended Schools):
Les Campbell (Chair)

Ian Matthews
Margaret Bentley
Janine Campbell (Advisory capacity)

Jenna Kavanagh

Jane Procter

Governing Body Impact Statement (Last updated Autumn 2017)

Teaching and learning committee 

This term we reviewed the School Development Plan and progress towards targets.

Following on from the recent positive OFSTED inspection, we looked at subject action plans and considered how to best further to improve communication with parents regarding progress.



Environment committee 

We discussed the findings from a recent health and safety walk with our lead governor. This has led to improved use of COSH records, although the comprehensive nature of risk assessments were commented on very positively.

Stress management for staff which was completed before the summer break was discussed, with staff finding the training very useful.

Further remedial work to the mezzanine floor were confirmed, with a schedule of works to be created.


Staffing and finance committee 

During the Autumn term we reviewed temporary staff roles and their deployment for the rest of the year.

Projections of funding and expenditure for 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20 were discussed, and following that, key financial issues facing the school in future years.