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Welcome to the Peacocks Class.  We are Year 2 children.

Mrs Walsh is the class teacher.


News update.

Who would like to join in a Zoom meeting with some of your class on Tuesday, morning at 10.00?

As it is our last week before we break up and before I take early retirement, who is free to Zoom and have a chat about this year and your favourite things that we've done?

If there are too many children, we will have a boys and girls meeting separately.

You don't need to download Zoom. Just let me know in advance and I will send a link to your email that you click on at the correct time. It is great to chat!



See the new gallery.Look for your Lockdown work or other activities now!

Good morning everybody.
The star of the week this week is ...Ollie.

He has worked so hard just before lockdown and especially since too! Ollie has completed everything set and he has completed extra  research challenges. He has  also mastered vertical addition and subtraction which is marvellous.
Other great news is that The Peacock Class continue to lead by a long way on the leaderboard for Spelling Shed. Well done children!
Please continue learning tables, completing spellings and Kids Classroom Secrets for the week. There are the week three quizs and the related games and also the home learning timetable maths, spellings and English so there's plenty to be completing.
Don't forget to do lots of exercise and read as many books as you can.
Take care,
Mrs Walsh

Ollie's poem

Amazing work from Ollie.

Isabelle's Poem

Wonderful descriptive words that aren't repeated.
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Summer Term Homework Grid

Contacting Percy the Peacock and Mrs Walsh for help about work during the Coronavirus shutdown.

If you or your parents need help or assurance with your work, please feel free to use the contact form. Percy or Mrs Walsh will get back to you as soon as they can.

Craft to try - find the link below.