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Being Me In My World

Becoming a class 'Team' Knowing how good it feels to be included in a group and understand how it feels to be excluded.

Being a school citizen Understanding the roles of people in the school community, taking on roles in a group and contributing to group tasks.

Rights, responsibilities and democracy Understanding how democracy works throughout the school.

Rewards and consequences Understand how actions can effect themselves and others. Empathising with other people's feelings.

Our learning charter Understand how groups come together to make decisions. Taking on roles and contributing to the overall outcome.

Celebrating Difference

Judging by appearances Making assumptions on what people look like. Accepting people for what they are.

Understanding Influences Questioning why we think the way we do about other people.

Understanding bullying Spotting bullying. Knowing what to do if you think bullying is going on. Knowing how it feels to be a witness or a target of bullying.

Problem-solving Understanding why witnesses sometimes join in with bullying and sometimes don't tell.

Special me Identify what is special about yourself. Liking and respecting features of your own physical appearance.

Celebrating difference Explain why it is good to accept people for who they are.

Dreams And Goals

Hopes and dreams Knowing how it feels to have hopes and dreams. Sharing hopes and dreams.

Broken dreams Understanding that sometimes hopes and dreams do not come true. Understanding when we feel disappointment.

Overcoming disappointment Reflecting on positive and happy experiences to help overcome disappointment. Helping others cope with their disappointment.

Creating new dreams Setting new plans and goals after disappointments. Being resilient and having a positive attitude.

Achieving goals Working out the steps needed to achieve a goal. Enjoy being part of a group challenge.

We did it Identifying the contributions of others in achieving a group goal.

Healthy Me

My friends and me Recognise how different friendship groups are formed. Recognise when other people's actions make me feel embarrassed, hurt or inadequate and how I can deal with these emotions.

Group dynamics Recognise the changing dynamics between people in a group. Understand the roles in a group and how I take on different roles.

Smoking Understand the facts about smoking. Effects on health. Reasons why some people start smoking.

Alcohol Understand the facts about alcohol. Effects on health, especially the liver. Reasons why some people drink alcohol. How to resist peer pressure.

Healthy friendships Recognise when people are putting you under pressure. Explain ways to resist peer pressure.

Celebrating my inner strengths and assertiveness Personal pictures of what is right and wrong. Knowing how to be assertive.


Relationship web Identifying the web of relationships we belong to. Close and distant relationships. Contributing to friendships in different ways.

Love and loss Identifying someone we love and why they are special. Know how most people feel when they lose someone or something they love.

Memories Talking about someone they no longer see. Understanding that we can still remember people even if we no longer see them.

Are animals special? Explaining different points of view on animal rights issues. Expressing own opinions and feelings.

Special pets Understand how people feel when they love a special pet. Understand that losing a pet brings feelings that can be hard to cope with. Dealing with the loss by celebrating special things about the lost pet.

Celebrating my relationships with people and animals Know how to show love and appreciation to the people and animals who are special to us.

Changing Me

Unique me Understand that some of our personal characteristics come from our birth parents. Understand that this is a result of the joining of their sperm and egg. Appreciate that each of us is a unique being.

Having a baby Internal and external parts of male and female bodies that are necessary for making babies. Express personal feelings about having a baby in the future.

Girls and puberty How a girl's body changes in order for her to have babies when she is an adult. Menstruation as an important part of being able to have babies.

Circles of change Being able to make changes. Using the circle of change. Being confident to make changes that will benefit you.

Accepting change Identifying and accepting changes that are out of our control. Expressing fears about change. Managing those fears positively.

Looking ahead Identifying what to look forward to in Year 5. Reflecting on changes that can be made when in Year 5.