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Values: What Matters Most?

The children will identify what is valuable in human life and identify their own values with special reference to Humanists and Christians. 

The focus is on the way stories communicate values, and the ways in which values make a difference to our lives.

How Is A Baby Welcomed Into The World?

Introduce children to some of the ways that a baby's birth is celebrated. The idea that each new life is special is reflected upon. In the religions studied in this unit, God is acknowledged to have an important role in the save delivery and future well being of the child. God is thanked for the safe delivery.

What Are The Deeper Meanings Of Our Celebrations?

Examine why some events, people or values are celebrated on an annual basis by believers.

The focus is on why it isn't just a party, but it is a way of giving value to the faith of believers.

What Does It Mean To Be A Sikh?

The children are given a basic introduction to the teachings of the Guru Nanak and the impact his teachings have on believers.

Who Inspires Me?

The children will consider what makes an inspirational figure. Inspirational figures are mainly drawn from religions, but there will also be consideration of people like Anne Frank and Martin Luther King.

Creation And Green Issues

Explore issues of creation and caring for the environment. They will do this through the examination of the teachings of many beliefs. Children will be encouraged to think about the concept pf community and the role they have within it.