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The children are expected to read for at least 15 minutes every night, at least once during the weekend (Friday to Sunday) and sometimes during holiday periods. If a child finishes their reading book then they should continue to read (any book) for the remaining time up to 15 minutes. Children change their own book as and when they need to, although we will remind them.

Children are given a reading record and parents are asked to complete it and sign it to confirm that their child has read. If a child does not read then they will have to read during  lunchtime break. We place a lot of emphasis on reading and find that this system helps to develop good reading habits and a love for reading.  We also ask the children once they have read a book to complete a book review detailing thier understanding and aspects of the book they like. 

We encourage the children to read from a wide range of literature. The children complete a genre chart to keep a record of the books they have read. The children are given a recommended authors list which has suggestions of suitable books that the children can read. Parental support is vital.