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‘In This Together’ was written by Jessica Slowen who is one of our regular Sing Together composers.  Here is a challenge for you – to record her song (either in a video or just your voice), send your recording back to me and I’ll make it into a big song with your voice/video and others from different schools!




  1. Listen to the song a few times and then start to sing along using the words and the track on youtube.
  2. Start to sing the song using the words but singing to the backing track only.
  3. Ask an adult to help record you singing the song.  This can be a video or just an audio track (voice notes/whatsapp voice recorder, or equivalent should work easily on phones).

Try to have the track playing through some headphones so that I can just hear your voice.   We will put it together eventually!  You can have the track with the backing or the youtube video playing, it won’t matter if we can’t hear it  

  1. Send me the video/audio file using either WeTransfer.   or by whatsapp to 07971881576 or by email direct to  by 22 May 2020
  2. Please fill in and put the following sentence on the email:  I ___________________ (insert first name) from __________________ Primary School give permission for my recording (audio or video) to be used by Sing Together in the ‘In This Together’ Song.



I’m very much looking forward to hearing you again!


Any questions, please email me on


Take care.



In This Together lyrics

In This Together music

Here are all the songs for 2020! Enjoy.

Track All T-Rex Rock!.mp3

Track All Slow T-Rex Rock!.mp3

Tonight's The Night

Track Red Tonight's The Night.mp3

Only One - Sign Language song

Track Red Only One.mp3

My Wish To You

Track Red My Wish To You.mp3

If I was a Superhero

Track Red Superhero Rehearsal (1).mp3

Track Red Learning To Be Me.mp3

Whatever I am

Track All Parts Whatever I Am.mp3

Dance Medley

Track All Parts Dance Medley.mp3

Group Song Gospel Medley

Gospel music final

Still image for this video

Gospel medley (performance track).mp3