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Tasting Arbroath Smokies

We really enjoyed tasting Arbroath Smokies.

An authentic Arbroath Smokie is a haddock, which has been hot smoked. The Arbroath smokie was awarded EU ‘Protected Geographical Status’, meaning only haddock smoked using traditional methods within a five mile radius of Arbroath in Scotland can use the name ‘Arbroath Smokie.’

Hot smoking cooks and smokes the fish at the same time. The haddock are tied together in pairs and dangled by their tails over the smoke kiln. The cooking/smoking time takes approximately 40 - 50 minutes, depending on the size of fish and dryness of the wood. Straight from the kiln, the Arbroath Smokies glisten golden in colour. Open them up to reveal white plump fillets ready to devour. Sweet, juicy with a subtle smokey aftertaste, an absolute delight!

Thank you to Mr Spink for sending them so quickly.

You can see them being smoked on this You Tube clip.