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Autumn term topic: Space (Science focus)


  • Explain the rotation and orbit of the Earth creating days and years;
  • Explain seasons caused by the Earth’s tilt on its own axis and orbit of the Sun;
  • Study the movement of the Earth/Moon relative to the Sun in the solar system;
  • Study the phases of the moon;
  • Study the arrangement of the planets in the solar system;
  • Investigate the development of theories relating to the arrangement of stars and planets in the universe.


Spring term topic: Greece (History/Geography focus)

  • Say when the Ancient Greek people lived and order some events from the time on a timeline.

• Describe some key facts about the Battle of Marathon and the Trojan War and answer questions to demonstrate their understanding.

• Talk about some Ancient Greek gods and know some features of Greek myths.

  • Use maps and atlases to local the country of Greece.
  • Understand human geography and physical geography within Greece.
  • Compare modern Greece with modern Britain.


Summer term topic: World War Two (History focus)

  • Explain when and why World War Two started.
  • Learn about leaders during World War Two.
  • Understand what life was like in Britain during World War Two (including rationing and Blitz).
  • Understand the effect of war on everyday life.