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Websites to help coding

Coding with Star Wars

Websites to Help Mathematics

Times Tables Grid from the BBC. Knowing times tables is very important.

Woodlands Maths Zone is a great page from a school in Kent.

MyMaths is a great site we use in our lessons. Children have their own logins. Ask Puddock to send you the login details of your child.

Star Wars Times Tables

Websites to help English

Woodlands English Zone is a good page from a school in Kent.

Online Reading Websites

Kids Thesaurus Be careful it is an American site and some spellings might be wrong.

Websites to help Science

Manchester University has a great site for children's digestive system.

Kidshealth explains how the digestive system works.

Digestion Find out how digestion works.

ICT Games have activities about the body.

Healthy Eating from the BBC

Explore your digestive system with the Open University

Science Castle explains how animal classification works.

Features for animal classification.

San Diego Zoo explains how animals are classified.

KidZone teaches the easy way to classify animals.

Teeth from Manchester University

Teeth from the BBC

More Teeth from BBC

Websites to help our Topic Work

Anglo Saxon Kings Facts from the BBC.

King Athelstan Information from the Athelstan Museum

Viking homework help

Viking Quest This is a great activity from the BBC. Raid a monastery on the English coast.

Vikings from the BBC

Vikings website from BBC Scotland

Norse myths from Storynory

Viking traders & explorers from the BBC

The Romans in Britain

Hadrian's Wall Official site

Hadrian's Wall Homework Help

Facts about Hadrian's Wall

English Heritage - Hadrian's Wall Facts

Julius Caesar for Kids

Who Was Julius Caesar?

The Ducksters tell us about Julius Caesar

Mr Donn tells us about Julius Caesar


Northern Lighthouse Board This website gives information about many of Scotland's lighthouses.

Lighthouse Beacons of Scotland Another website that helps to sort Scotland's lighthouses into the part of the country they can be found.

Lighthouses of Scotland