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Week 1


Monday 22nd February

Tuesday 23rd February

Wednesday 24th February

To do after 9am Zoom session


After reading chapter 1 of “The invention of Hugo Cabret” together, complete the three tasks on the worksheet.



Recap what a fraction is by answering questions involving fraction diagrams and drawing arrows to show the position of a fraction on a number line.


Complete the worksheet describing what Hugo looks like and how he must be feeling.



Complete the equivalent fractions worksheet using fraction walls.


Look at the pictures from chapter 3. Write down what you think the two characters might be saying to each other in the form of a conversation. Use speech marks, punctuation and start a new line for a new speaker.



Fill in the numerator for each question to make the fractions equivalent.

To do after 1pm Zoom session


After learning about the invention of photography, appreciate how technology has moved on. Use a camera, phone or tablet and take 3 photos that could be used for an art exhibition.

One photo of something outdoors,

one photo of fruits or vegetables and one photo of something you love. Add a caption below each photo.



On YouTube find today’s lesson with Joe Wicks. It will be dated Monday 22nd February.


After learning about the dangers of smoking, answer the questions about the impact of smoking on the body.


Spellings/Times tables:

Practise list 6 spellings and then complete the sentences by filling in the missing words.


Complete the multiplication wheels.



Think about two scenarios that portray forgiveness. Draw out the scenes using characters, speech bubbles and thought bubbles.



Have a go at playing some of the showcase games on purple mash and then have a go at planning your own 3D game using the Computer Game Planner.