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Week 2 (14.06.21)





To do after 9am Zoom session

Literacy:  Choose one of the debate questions and research the topic. Then write down arguments for and against.




Maths: Complete the triangles worksheet looking at equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles.


Literacy: Using the research you gathered yesterday, choose a side (for or against) and write an argument. Remember to create cohesion by ordering your points using adverbials of number.


Maths: Complete the worksheet about the different types of quadrilaterals and their properties.

Literacy:  Choose a discussion idea that interests you and then write an argument for or against. Make sure you use the adverbials word bank to create cohesion.



Maths: Work out the missing interior angles of triangles and quadrilaterals.

To do after 1pm Zoom session

Topic: Choose five different types of beans and research where they are grown. Then write some facts/information about them.



Read through the range of poems. Then choose your favourite one to copy out in your neatest joint up handwriting.

PSHE: Fill in the body image and self-esteem worksheet, writing down things you like about yourself and are proud of.


Spellings/Times tables:

Practice your spellings from last week.

Complete the ultimate timetables sheet, filling in the blanks.

RE: Answer the questions about why Christians might choose to go to church and why they might choose to pray at home.



Plan out an argument in the form of a concept map using “2connect” on Purple Mash.


 Thursday 17th June


Friday 18th June                                                                                                    

To do after 9am Zoom session

Guided Reading:

Father’s Day Guided Reading.  Read the text and then complete the worksheet.



Converting Measures

Complete the kilograms and kilometres worksheet.  Remember there are 1000 grams in a kilogram and 1000 metres in a kilometre.


Use the information given in the worksheet to draw a graph to show how a foetus grows in the womb.

Challenge - what will the length be at 30 weeks?



Kidz Bop dance along videos.



To do after 1pm Zoom session

Mental Maths:

Solve the different mathematical questions, then use the code to work out the summer words.



PE with Joe Wicks

Follow the link to a workout on Joe Wick's YouTube channel.


Learn some countries around the world that speak French and learn to tell someone your nationality.


Write 3 complex sentences about dragons.  Remember to use a subordinating conjunction, a main clause and a subordinate clause.  Think about if you need a comma.



Complete the design criteria sheet for your mobile phone case.  Think about putting the criteria into priority order.



To email work to me on a Thursday or Friday my email address is

Friday 18th June

If you are unsure how to set out today's Science please see this to help you.

SPaG format for today's sentences.