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Week 2


Monday 11th January

Tuesday 12th January

Wednesday 13th January

To do after 9am Zoom session


Look at both stories, “The Landing” and “Alien Landing” and fill in the science fiction toolkit worksheet, with examples from either story.



Complete the 5-digit column subtractions sheet.


Using the story “Alien Landing”, analyse the setting where the two boys are, by filling in the table of what the boys might hear, see, feel etc.



Complete the subtraction activity, which includes some word problems.


Write a phone conversation between Tom and his mum after he wakes up. What might they say to each other?



Complete the 5-digit subtraction work sheet, which includes some multi step word problems.

(There is a 4 digit word problems sheet for those who find the above sheet too difficult).

To do after 1pm Zoom session


Watch the video, “The pharaoh that wouldn’t be forgotten”.

Then complete the worksheet. Draw a picture of Hatshepsut and write four interesting facts about her. You can use the internet to do some research on her.



Follow the link to join in a space adventure with Mike and Muttnik on the moon.


Then watch the gymnastic videos to practice jumps and leaps.  Please be careful indoors.



Think about what your dreams and goals are for the future and fill in the mind map worksheet.



Spellings/Times tables:

Practice List 1 spellings and complete the sheet with the missing words. You might need a dictionary to learn what the words mean.


Press start on a timer and see how fast you can complete the times table grid on the worksheet “Beat the clock”.


Focus on one religion and create a peace poster following the guidance sheet.



Create your own database using 2investigate on Purplemash.


Thursday 14th January

To do after 9am zoom session

Literacy: Reading

This week we are looking at predicting. Read the text carefully and answer the questions. Each question will ask you to predict in a different way. Answer each question with detail and give evidence from the text where appropriate.


Maths: Time zones

Click on this bbc link before completing your task. Watch the video and read the information carefully.

Once you have read the information, complete the task. Use the cards on the first page to help you answer the questions on the second page.


To do after 1pm zoom session

French: Days of the week

Look through the powerpoint and click on the little orange play buttons to hear the pronunciation of each day of the week.

Here are also some youtube links to help you.


PE: Yoga

Click on the link to go to today’s PE lesson. This session is called Bears and Beavers. Enjoy and do as much as you can!





Friday 15th January

To do after 9am zoom session

Literacy: Grammar

This week we are looking at dialogue. Your task is to rewrite the paragraph, adding the missing punctuation. Focus on one sentence at a time to help break up the paragraph.  


Maths: Converting minutes and seconds

Complete the sheet by converting minutes and seconds. You will need to show your working in the boxes.

There are also two problem solving questions you can have a go at.


To do after 1pm zoom session

Science: Planets

Read the information on the fact sheets about each planet.

Here are some links to websites you could also visit:


Here are some videos you can watch


Use the websites, the videos and the fact sheets to help you create a poster about the planets. You can print the sheet on the class page and work on there or you can draw the planets yourself and write two facts about each planet.


Art: Create a piece of art for planet Earth. You can use any resources you have at home, e.g. crayons, paint, watercolours, chalk or you can create a collage. There are some examples of artwork created by other children on the powerpoint. Use this to help you get some ideas. Have fun!