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Week 4


Monday 25th January

Tuesday 26th January

Wednesday 27th January

To do after 9am Zoom session


Read the Research Statements and then read Pages from “True or False?” to research if they are true. Write a response to each statement, saying if it is true or not. Then write down any other facts you found interesting about the topic.



Complete the sheet to find the missing angle.


Read Articles 1-3 and use the “Questions to Think About” to help you make notes on the purpose, style and reliability of the articles.



Complete the sheet to find the missing angles on a straight line. Remember angles on a straight line always add up to 180°.


Look at the pictures and read the captions. Rewrite the captions giving them a positive or negative spin.



Complete the sheet to find the missing angles around a point. Remember the angles around a point always add up to 360°.

To do after 1pm Zoom session


Draw an Egyptian obelisk and write one or two words about Hatshepsut using Egyptian hieroglyphics.


On YouTube find today’s lesson with Joe Wicks. It will be dated Monday 25th January.


Complete the “My Ideal Job” worksheet.


Spellings/Times tables:

Practice List 3 spellings and complete the word search.


Press start on a timer and see how fast you can complete the times table grid on the worksheet “Beat the clock Week 4”.


Complete the mindfulness colouring task focusing on inner peace. Then reflect on the task and answer the questions on the “Time to reflect” worksheet.


Practise your typing skills by seeing how fast you can type the KS2 high frequency words on Purple mash.


Thursday 28thJanuary

To do after 9am zoom session

Literacy: Reading

This week we are looking at making inferences from the text. This means that you are picking up ideas that are not directly written in the text. You need to use the clues the author has given. You are like a detective – you’re not looking at what is there, you are looking at what is meant by it. Read each question carefully and make sure you refer back to the text to find the clues before answering. Give evidence from the text where appropriate.


Maths: Converting length

Complete the worksheet. You are converting millimetres and centimetres first. Then you are converting metres and centimetres.

Here is a link to a place value chart:


To do after 1pm zoom session

French: Food

Look through the powerpoint and click on the sound button to hear how each food is pronounced in French. Learn the names and complete the worksheet by matching the French to English.

Use this link to help you learn more French words and phrases.


PE: Yoga

Click on the link to go to today’s PE lesson. This session is called Bees and Bugs. Enjoy and do as much as you can!

Friday 29th January

To do after 9am zoom session

Literacy: Grammar

This week we are looking at adverbials. Adverbials are used to tell the reader when, where and in what order things happen. Complete the task by sorting the adverbials. Then use adverbials in your own sentence. Finally, hunt for adverbials in books that you are reading at the moment.


Maths: Converting length

Today you are converting kilometres and metres. Complete the worksheet. You will need to multiply and divide by 1000. Use the place value chart to help you move the digits.


To do after 1pm zoom session

Science: Day and Night

Learn about how we get day and night. Use the powerpoint and the bbc links here.


Here are additional videos that are also interesting


Now complete the task by writing an explanation of how we have night and day. Then add colour to the picture to show which part of the world currently has daylight and which has night.


Art: Starry Night

Create your own version of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’.

Here is the youtube link you should use to help you draw.