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Week 5


Monday 1st February

Tuesday 2nd February

Wednesday 3rd February

To do after 9am Zoom session


Copy out the sentences then circle the adverbs of certainty and underline the verbs. After that, write out five of your own sentences using the Adverbs of Certainty List.



Read the roman numerals to 1000 and match them to the correct answer.


Read the statements and then respond by writing a sentence or two about each one using adverbs of certainty.



Read and write roman numerals to 1000.


Research what happened in the picture. Read the four reference texts to find out and then answer the questions about text reliability.



Read dates written in Roman numerals and write them using our number system.

To do after 1pm Zoom session


Choose 3 ancient Egyptian landmarks and find out some information about them using the internet.

Then write a paragraph about each landmark in your own words.



On YouTube find today’s lesson with Joe Wicks. It will be dated Monday 1st February.


Watch the video of Evangeline’s daily life in rural Kenya and then answer the questions about her dreams and aspirations.


Spellings/Times tables:

Practice List 4 spellings and complete the word search.


Answer all the multiplication questions and then colour the squares in using the key at the top of the page to reveal an emoji.


Create your own peace symbol making sure it promotes peace. Then answer the questions about your symbol.



On purple mash create an information text showing what you know about Hatshepsut.


Thursday 4th February

To do after 9am zoom session

Literacy: Reading

This week we are looking at retrieving information from the text. This means that you are finding key pieces of information within the text you are reading. The answers are there in the text – all you have to do is find them.


Maths: Converting mass

Complete the worksheet. You are converting g and kg. You can use the place value chart to help you multiply and divide by 1000. Your worksheet also involves problem solving – remember to read each question carefully and then show your workings out to answer the question.


To do after 1pm zoom session

French: Sentences for food opinions

In this week’s lesson you are learning to say a sentence in French, explaining your opinions about foods. Use the table to help you create sentences. Write your sentences and practice saying them too.

The first few minutes of this video will help you say 'I like..'/ 'I love...', 'I dislike...' and 'I hate...'


Here is another video to help you with your pronunciations


PE: Yoga

Click on the link to go to today’s PE lesson. This session is called ‘Mystery and Detective’. Enjoy and do as much as you can!



Friday 5th February

To do after 9am zoom session

Literacy: Grammar

Today’s grammar lesson is on relative clauses. A relative clause gives us some extra information. It is connected to the main clause using a relative pronoun e.g. who

Complete the task. The first part involves identifying relative clauses. Then you need to take the relative clause out and write the sentence without it. In the last question you need to add in a relative clause. Remember to add commas in the correct place.


Maths: Capacity

Today you are converting millilitres and litres. Use the same mathematical methods you have been using to convert length and mass to now convert capacity.

Today’s task includes converting and then solving problems. Make sure you read each question carefully before doing any calculations.  


To do after 1pm zoom session

Science: Phases of the moon

Learn about the different phases of the moon. 

Here are some links to help you:


There are two activities to choose from:

  1. Moon phase cookies. Follow the instructions on the sheet – you will need plenty of biscuits!
  2. Complete the worksheet by drawing the phases of the moon.


Art: Rocket of UFO

Create a rocket or a UFO by following the instructions. You should use things that are at home to create your model. Remember to ask an adult before you begin using anything.