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Ashleigh Staff

Mr. Matthews - Headteacher
Mrs Harty - Deputy Headteacher, SENCo
Mr Harty - Y6 Teacher, KS2 Leader
Mrs Solkar - Y5 Teacher
Miss Entwistle - Y4 Teacher
Mr Thomson - Y3 Teacher
Mrs Lomax - Y1/2 Teacher
Miss Youd - Y1 Teacher
Mrs Whitwell - Reception Teacher
Mrs Hartley - HLTA
Mrs Campbell - School Business Manager
Miss Adamson - Admin Officer
Mrs Donnelly - Well Being Mentor
Mrs Marr - Welfare Team Leader, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Greenwood - Nursery Nurse
Mrs Squelch - Nursery Nurse
Miss Briggs - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Metcalfe - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Halsall - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wood - Teaching Assistant, Library Manager
Mrs Howard - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Huggill - Teaching Assistant
Mr. Bannister - Teaching Assistant, Welfare
Mr Jennings - 1 to 1 tutor
Mrs Holden - Catering Manager
Mrs Parmar - Assistant Cook
Mrs Richards - Catering staff
Mrs Taylor - Breakfast Club Assistant, Welfare
Mrs Marsh - Cleaner
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Mr. I. Matthews 


Finance & Funding, Teaching & Learning, Staff Development, Assessment, Buildings, Health & Safety, Child Protection, NQT mentor, AGT, EVC, Humanities, Pupil Premium

Mrs J. Harty

(nee Kavanagh)

Deputy Headteacher


EYFS & KS1 Leader

SEND, Teaching & Learning, Assessment, Foundation Stage/KS1 Leader,  Student/NQT mentor, Child Protection, Staff Development

 Mr. M. Harty 

Year 6

KS2 Leader, SLT

Curriculum, Maths, P.E. 

Miss  Solkar Year 5 Maths

Miss Entwistle

Year 4


Miss Youd Year 3 MFL

Mrs Walsh

Year 2

The Arts

Mr Thomson

Year 5


Mrs Whitwell Year 1/2 Science
Mrs L.Lomax Reception​ & Y1/2 English

Mrs J.Harty


Special Educational Needs

Mrs J. Campbell 

School Business & Finance Manager 

Miss K. Adamson 

Administrative Officer 

Mrs K. Donnelly

Pupil Well Being Mentor

Pupil Premium, Pupil Welfare, Nurture

Mrs S. Hartley 

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

PPA cover

Mrs J. Squelch 

Teaching Assistant Level 3 

FS Support, Nurture

Mrs M. Huggill 

Teaching Assistant Level 3 

SEND Support 

Mrs J. Marr

Teaching Assistant Level 2

Lunchtime play leader and supervisor,

SEND support

Mrs L. Greenwood

Teaching Assistant Level 3

Nursery Nurse

Mrs J. Howard

Teaching Assistant Level 2

Y6 Support, Learning Environment & Display 

Mrs S. Briggs

Teaching Assistant Level 2 

Y3 & Y4 Support, SEND support

Mrs. E. Halsall

Teaching Assistant Level 2

SEND support

Mrs. C. Wood Teaching Assistant Level 2 Teaching Assistant, Library Manager
Mrs C. Metcalfe

Teaching Assistant Level 2

SEND Support, Y1/2 Support

Welfare assistant

Mr. P. Bannister

Teaching Assistant Level 2 

Welfare assistant, TA Support

Mrs T. McCleod Teaching Assistant Level 2  Special Support Assistant
Mrs B. Marsh


Mrs L. Holden

Catering Manager 

Mrs J. Parmar

Assistant Cook 

Mrs J. Richards

Catering Assistant 

Mrs J. Taylor

Breakfast Club Manager, Welfare Assistant

Mrs N. Taylor

Breakfast Club Assistant


I.C.T. Technician




The staffing structure is reviewed in the summer term each year

Last updated 29/11/2019