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Ashleigh update 1st March 2021

Dear Parent,


As you will have heard during the Prime Minister's announcement last Monday, all schools are reopening fully on Monday 8th March.


We will be going back to the same arrangements we had from September to December, before the latest lockdown. I will send you a longer email tomorrow with a reminder of all of those details.


From Monday 8th, Breakfast Club and Kidsland after school club will also resume. So please make any bookings for those clubs in the usual way.


We are really excited to see all of the children back at school, although we understand some of you may have concerns around the complete reopening of schools. If you need to speak to me before next Monday, please don’t hesitate to make contact via the school office.


Many thanks for all your kind words over the last couple of months about the provision both at school and at home, it is very much appreciated by all the staff here at Ashleigh. As I have said so many times before, we are so lucky to have such dedicated staff, wonderful children and supportive parents.


We will continue to communicate via email and the school app, but once the school is back fully from Monday, we will resume using Facebook to share with you what’s happening at school.


Look out for the email tomorrow, but in the meantime…

Stay safe and well,

Mr. Matthews