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Blocks of learning

For each year group, the scheme of learning includes an overview of the maths that your child should be learning at any point in the year.

Each year is split into three terms (autumn, spring and summer), and each term comprises individual blocks of learning about a particular topic. So the Year 4 overview looks like the picture, and Autumn Block 2, for example, focuses on addition and subtraction.

You’ll notice that we spend lots of time building strong number skills in Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and early secondary years. These essential core skills lay a solid foundation for more complicated learning later on.

Sometimes schools might be a little behind or ahead of the scheme schedule. That’s fine; we deliberately build flexibility into our schemes to allow for these variations.

The small steps

We’ve divided each block of knowledge into a series of small learning steps. Together, these small steps cover all the curriculum content that your child needs to know.

Brain science tells us that your child will remember more by learning maths in small, related chunks. We also used the best available research to map out the crucial learning steps that will help your child to understand what they are learning clearly.