Community Links

At Ashleigh Primary School we believe that community links are essential in the growth, development and well-being of all our pupils.  Links with our local community help us to build relationships with groups and individuals who will provide positive role models for our children whether within the world of work, spiritual and moral development or everyday experiences.   

Examples of some community links we have.

Friends of Darwen Cemetery

Children visit the cemetery regularly to look after our four adopted Commonwealth war graves. The school is always represented at annual Poppy Day services. We promote events at the cemetery organised by FODC to help maintain and improve the cemetery. The children gain from these experiences by understanding something of their community heritage and develop a respect for the past and how it impacts on their present day.Visit the Friends of Darwen Cemetery.

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Whitehall In Bloom

Every year the whole school takes part in the Whitehall in Bloom Competition. The competition is run independently by residents and Whitehall council members and is sponsored by the generous donations from local businesses. It helps to make Whitehall look amazing with gardens, back yards and terraces planted with beautiful colours.

Councillors in the area launched the competition in a bid to brighten up the area. Our children benefit from this initiative because they get to see how working together as a community can help to improve their own environment. It also helps that Ashleigh always does well in the competition.