Our Film Club is having a rest at the moment!

Welcome to 'Into Film'!

When children are in Y5 or Y6 they have the chance to join Ashleigh's very own Film Club.

Film clubs give children the opportunity to watch, discuss and review films, as well as training and online resources to make their own short films. This is a fantastic launch pad for introducing young people to film, as well as boosting literacy, critical thinking and filmmaking skills.

From a 25 school pilot in 2007, there are now over 7000 film clubs across all four nations of the UK, reaching over 200,000 children and young people every week.

The BFI is investing £26 million of National Lottery funds to deliver a programme over four years (2013-2017), which is the largest investment in film education ever seen in this country. Into Film receives funding from additional partners including Cinema First, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Big Lottery Fund, The Backstage Trust and The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation.

Each child receives a login into the Into Film website, which will allow them to make and read reviews. They also get a membership card to keep which has their info for the site.

Film Club is not just about watching films, children get a chance to talk about what they've seen and write critical reviews following screenings.

Film Club is on Friday nights, from 3.30 to 5.00. All children should be collected promptly each week, unless you have specifically requested for your child to make their own way home (see form)

If you would like your Y5/6 child to attend Film Club in the future, please complete and send back to school the form below. Without this form, children will not be able to attend.

There is no charge for Film Club, but those children who would like refreshments can have a drink and snack provided for 50p.

Our next film will be screened on: __________ 3.30pm

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