Trips  (School Visits)

We have had many trips from Ashleigh over the years. Usually, at some point in the term, each class, will go on a trip relating to a topic being covered at that time. Teachers are encouraged to arrange trips at the start/end of topics, as  a way of bringing alive the curriculum being covered in the classroom.

The School Minibus

We were lucky enough to be in a position to buy a minibus during the summer of 2012. This allows us to further reduce the costs to parents for any out of school learning. Each class aims to go out of school at least once each term, usually using the school minibus whenever possible. Sometimes, due to the distance from school, or the nature of the trip, it isn't practical to use the school minibus. On those occasions, we will still need to book a coach. Thanks to the minibus, we keep the overall voluntary contributions parents make, across the whole year, for all the class trips a child may go on, to a maximum of £30 per child.

Friends of Ashleigh (FOA) make an enormous contribution to school funds each year to cover the costs of the minibus insurance. This is much appreciated, as it allows school to spend money on other things for the children.

Residential visits

Although it is possible to take infant children away on over night trips, we have decided that older children, usually Y4 and above, are more able to cope with the pressures and new experiences trips like this bring.

We take groups of children from Y5 and Y6 to Paris every other year, with a trip to London on the alternate year.

Our last trip to France was in October 2018. When 47 of our Y5/6 children spent 5 days in Paris.

Next academic year we will be visiting making our regular trip to London.

Our Y6 children also go on an outward bound trip for a long weekend. They usually do all sorts of adventurous activities including: climbing, canoeing and abseiling.

All school trips have extremely rigorous risk assessments completed to ensure any and all probable risks are mitigated for. Without wanting to tempt fate, in all the above mentioned trips, all children (and staff) have returned home perfectly safe and well, if not a little weary!