Your questions, comments or concerns are often answered in our newsletters (sent every other week) and the letters we send home.

We are happy to send home paper copies of essential communications. However, we increasingly use other ways to communicate with parents. There are various ways for you to receive our newsletters and updates electronically. Although you can receive the newsletter by email, we still send paper copies out to parents who prefer it.

We are on Facebook! We cannot get involved in conversations via FB, but are trying to use it as often as possible to share all the good things which happen during the school day.

Click here to go straight to it.

We also use ParentPay to send emails and to text small groups or individual parents.

The school app (search for Primarysite, and then choose Ashleigh) reflects the content of the website, but you can also choose to receive messages about a whole variety of things. This is the main way we send messages to parents.

Please contact the school office if you have any problems with any of the above lines of communication.