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Darwen Tower walk for Y4,5 & 6

Children from Y4,5 & 6 walked from school to Darwen Tower today. They all had a fantastic time, and although they are a little tired, they look fresher than the teachers who accompanied them!

Many many thanks to the staff who arranged the visit and went along with them. We also had superb additional support from governors and friends of the school.

Mr Thompson's meticulous organisation really paid off!


Check out Twitter for lots of pictures...


The next walk to the tower is due to take place on Thursday 30th June, for children in Y3 and Y2. Please note, all children in classes Y2/3 and Y3 will be walking.

Additionally, the Y2 children in the Y1/2 class will be taking part in this walk. Y1 children in Miss Entwistle's class, will not be walking on the 30th June.


The final walk to the tower will be for children in Reception, Reception/Y1 and the Y1 children in Miss Entwistle's class. This is scheduled for Tuesday 12th July.


If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to make contact with school.