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OFSTED visit

As you know, a visitor from OFSTED, an HMI (Her Majesty's Inspector), came to visit school last Wednesday.

Until today, we weren't able to say what the outcome of the visit was.

We are delighted to say that the HMI found that we were still a 'good' school. The whole inspection process was a really positive one, which will help to school to improve even further in the future.

Click here to go straight to the inspection report.


This school continues to be good.

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You and your deputy headteacher work effectively as a team. Together you have galvanised teaching and driven improvements across the school. Pupils receive a broad range of experiences, which help them to enjoy their time at school. They are well prepared for the next stage in their education due to your effective transition procedures. 
There is a welcoming and happy atmosphere at your school. The school motto, ‘together we learn, grow and achieve’, underpins all that you do. Pupils and staff are keen to learn and improve everything they do, to be the best. Leaders have created a strong and supportive team spirit. Staff who responded to the online survey state that they enjoy working at the school and are proud to be a part of it.  
Pupils enjoy coming to school. They are polite, well mannered and keen to express their views. Pupils’ attitudes to learning are positive. In lessons and around school, pupils behave sensibly and show respect to everyone around them. Relationships between pupils and staff are very positive. Pupils are keen to celebrate that they are allowed to be themselves at your school. They agree that the best thing about the school is that ‘everyone is unique’.  
The majority of parents who responded to Ofsted’s online questionnaire, Parent View, are positive about the school. As one parent commented, ‘The staff are committed to the well-being and development of all children and go above and beyond their objectives. I am very happy to send my children here and feel they are developing into lovely, well-rounded individuals.’


This is only an extract from the report. Please look at the full report here.



What do we need to do to be even better?


  • the most able pupils are provided with further opportunities to explore and use their skills in mathematics so that more reach the higher standard 
  • middle leaders gain necessary support and development so they have a greater impact on raising pupils’ progress in subjects other than English and mathematics
  • communication with parents about their child’s progress is sharpened.