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Sports Day

Very sadly, we had to cancel sports day this morning due to the field being water logged.


A little history about our Sports Days

Until 3 years ago, an Ashleigh Sports Day took the form of a selection of games, which teams moved round to in turn, accumulating points as they went. The children enjoyed this and there was a slight competitive element to it. On odd occasions when the weather let us down, there was the possibility of using the playground as the games could be adapted to allow for the concrete.

Over the last 3 years or so, after suggestions from parents and consulting with the school council back then, we changed to a more traditional format. This format is far more competitive and children and parents alike seem to enjoy this aspect of the event.


The weather in the UK, as you know, is unpredictable at the best of times. Although we are very lucky to have a school field, the sad reality is, that it needs a few days of dry weather in order for it to be used safely for Sports Day. Four years ago, school spent £25,000 on having the drainage improved on the field. Before the additional drainage was put in, after a spell of wet weather, it took a week or two for the field to dry out sufficiently, now it takes only a few days depending on the quantity of rain we’ve had.


Last week, the forecast for today and the days leading up to today, was really good. It changed over last weekend, for the worst.


To use the field whilst wet/damp would be difficult at best, but much more significantly, pose a far greater risk to the health and safety of the children. To use the playground is not a viable option either, as the events in the more traditional Sports Day we’ve adopted would be far too risky to do on unyielding concrete.


Currently, the weather forecast for Darwen is as follows:


Wednesday: lovely all day!

Thursday: dry during the day, rain over night, heavy at times

Friday: dry during day, rain in early hours

Saturday: rain in the morning and evening, dry in the middle part of the day

Sunday: rain in the morning, dry for the majority of the day


It is likely that the field will still be wet on Monday, the last possible day we could attempt sports day. In the event that it is dry enough, we will text parents in the morning to let you know that it is going ahead. Failing this, we will do Sports Day in September. This is very sad, as it means some of the children, Y6, will miss out.


This is the second time in recent years that Sports Day has had to be cancelled due to the weather and condition of the field. Going forward, we will schedule the day far earlier in the school calendar so we have more flexibility with the date in the event the weather doesn’t play ball.


Here’s hoping for a dry, hot and sunny summer!