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Start and end times for school

Good morning. We have noticed that there are a few children regularly arriving at school after the class start time. It is vitally important that we keep children from different bubbles apart, which means that children must arrive at the allotted time and go in with their class, unless a separate arrangement has been agreed due to siblings. Children arriving at school more than 5 minutes late and then having no option but to come through the main entrance, increases their chances of coming across other children/adults from other bubbles, putting them at increased risk. As a school community we have done so well in keeping each other as safe as possible, with only a few days lost due to the isolation of classes so far. A lot of this can be attributed to the great efforts parents are making to do the right thing on a daily basis. Please help us to continue to keep children and families safe, by adhering to the class drop off and pick up times. Many thanks, Mr. Matthews