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Update, including drop off and collection times for siblings info

We've reached the end of a very successful first week back. The children really have been fantastic! Although many of the systems we have in place to address the current situation are quite foreign to everyone, children, staff, parents and visitors have very quickly adapted to them.

As time passes, we will constantly review how we do things, and if there is a better way of doing something, we will make minor changes along the way.


Drop off and collection times for families with multiple children currently at Ashleigh

Before the holidays, we asked parents with more than one child in school, to either bring their children in at their allotted time, or, if it was more convenient, they could drop off at the later time and collect at the earlier. This has meant that a few children are losing 30 minutes a day of curriculum time, which clearly is not ok.


To address this, from Monday 7th September, the following will apply.

Parents with more than one child at Ashleigh can either:

1. Drop off and collect at the allotted time, either waiting on the playground with the child who has yet to go in, or indeed, leaving the premises and doing multiple drop offs and pick-ups. This is probably the best solution for children, as it means they are going in and leaving at the same as their classmates. This option is clearly more inconvenient to the adults doing the running around!


2. Drop off all the children at the earliest time which applies to any of their children, and pick up at the latest time which applies. For those families doing this, it is vital that children who are going in early still access the building through their class doors, as we don't want children having to walk through school and potentially having contact with children from other bubbles.


As a school, we will as ever, work with you to reach the best solution possible for our children and their families. If you need to talk to me about this, I am usually on the playground in the morning and evening, so please come and have a chat.



We appreciate all the support you have shown school over the last few months, and especially since starting back this week. We will continue to keep you as up to date as possible  using the app/website, so please download it and make sure you're receiving notifications. Some of the things we usually do at school, e.g. Shine assemblies, we are working on alternatives, so watch this space!


Stay safe and well,

Mr. Matthews