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New Team Captains and Y6 Jobs Announced

Our wonderful Y6 children wrote to the school's leadership team to apply for various jobs around school. After much deliberation and debate, the following children were appointed to the following jobs:


  • Red Rowan Team Captain - Eddie Banks
  • Yellow Beech Team Captain - Lexi Hacking
  • Blue Ash Team Captain - Kate Whalley
  • Green Oak Team Captain - Olivia Digner


  • Birthday monitors - Holly Brice

                               - Jessica Power


  • Vision and Sound Engineers - Oliver Robinson

                                             - Alex Halsall


  • Vision and Sound Deputy Engineers - Lewis Critchley

                                                        - Harvey Jones


  • School Registers - Amelia King

                             -Zach Ingham


  • Hall monitors - Harry O'Kane

                        - Thomas Kelly


  • Office assistants - Ryan Swank

                            - Eleanor McKean

                            - Robert Allen


Well done everyone, we are delighted you applied for these positions and are sure you will do a great job!